An Unpayable Debt

An unfeigned hollering, with concomitant glinting eyes, animadverting at the infirmary to woo the dear ones – yeah! That’s how… that is how we all begin our journey (or say life) as an infant. May be the most joyous moment for parents. This fugacious moment transforms their whole world at the blink of an eye. Just one touch of soft feeble hands and all the priorities are changed forever. Thus, parturition leads to the offset of not one but three new lives at the same time.

You must be wondering, why am I telling you all this?  The reason is simple. Have you ever pondered, what could have been your lives without parents? What could have possibly happened if no one was there to hold your hand when you had fallen? What could have been the prospects of survival? Who would have squandered their life to make your existence worth? Who would have spent umpteen watchful and ungratified nights for you when you fell ill? I have been cogitating for months and all I can say is… even one day without father or mother, whoa! It’s horrifying. A shiver runs down the spine. Had not been there my parents, then who would have hold my hand and taught me how to walk? Who would have impelled me to eat that extra bite just to make sure that I wasn’t hungry? These countless questions keep on gyrating in my head every day and night. But to be honest with myself, I don’t want an answer to anyone of them, because the answers are obvious and crucifying.

“Family is the most important thing in the World.”

Dictionary says, Family — A social unit living together. Really? Is that so? I don’t believe so. If it were just a social unit, then how could it be the most important thing? You don’t outlay your life for a social unit. You don’t strive for well being of a social unit, do you? Then what is it that makes this so called social unit ‘A Family’, where your needs and wishes are given prime importance. The connection remains a mystery for obtuse mind like mine. I consider myself lucky… lucky enough to have an adorable and caring family. But I wonder how I would pay back the debt of their love, tutelage, affection & care.

All I am I owe to my father. I attribute all my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I received from him. He usually says that I am his whole life. He works tirelessly day and night just to make sure that I get what I want. Well, for me he is no less than a genie. I don’t know how he does it or why he does it. All I know is, I sleep soundly at night and wake up gayly in the morning. I make mistakes intrepidly because I know my genie is gonna catch me whenever I fall. I walk down the road to Damascus blindfoldedly at times because I know he is there to steer me in right direction.
Papa, thank you for being there. I want to tell you, I love you more than anything else in this world. I owe you my life. But I can’t repay the debt… for this debt is unpayable.

– Akshay Kaushal.


I Wish We Could Run Away

How do we define ‘LIFE’? A kiss of bliss or a wrathful gloominess! A gift of eternity or just a shackle to pinion the impeccant! Plainly, this debate has always been a hot potato for agile minds, because even the wittiest brains find it extremely difficult to reckon life incisively. Every person has a different perspective of life. A world of 7 billion people and thus sequently a world with 7 billion eyeshot, all bidding to build a fancied Utopia of their own. A Utopia where resides ecstatic joy, pristine love and felicitous life. Everybody including myself is endeavouring to chase that implausible dream, cogitating that one day… One day will come, when there will not be any marauder hounding our precious dreams.

“Life is a game made for everyone and Love is the prize”

Love, as if a person gets enamoured with another person blindly, is an intense feeling, which emancipates hearts and souls from the bestial imprisonment of ferocious abominators of happiness and joy. The person in love does realize that the best blessing life can possibly offer is love and love only. The world which seemed futile and effete once, transmutes into the Eden Garden on the spur of the moment. The stranded wishes suddenly seem granted by Aphrodite — the love overlord. But again, it is just an intuitive feeling and is greatly associated with its acceptance at an individual level and even more prominently at a societal level. Though India is a secular nation, but some (or I should say — myriad) orthodox natives of India still dwell in a world of favouritism based on religion.

So, in a country that favours favouritism, duo crusades not only to prove its worthiness but also to comport against malevolent loathers. Well, of course, some of them who are lucky enough, and confront no detestation, are able to incarnate their dreamworld (which is no less than a jackpot). Whereas others are curbed to daresay that society, religion and creedal values are above all and are ecumenical. Those who resist to comply are ostracized and are sometimes even banished from the exalted society. And thus, life no longer remains a kiss of bliss.

I wish we could run away! I wish we could stay in a secluded place away from the vicious sight of this evil world. A concrete Zion, where no one else, but us could rusticate. And then just like juxtaposed akin colours, luminance of our kindred souls could perfuse the sky of our dreamland. Stuck in a moment, we could live in abysmal depths of each other’s eyes forever. Like a pair of dunnock, we could sing our love-song together. I wish we could build a dominion, where I could be the King and you could be my Queen.

Alas! I wish it wasn’t too complicated to play this game. Talk of conservationism.

– Akshay Kaushal